why some farts smell worse than others?

Why Some Farts Smell Worse Than Others?

It is when smelly farts or foul-smelling flatulence disrupt a social gathering or embarrass you in public that they become a problem.


Why do some Farts smell Worse?

Some fart may be worse smelling than others and according to health.com, here are a few factors that play a part in it:

  • The Bacteria in your Body:

The type of bacteria in your body may determine how smelly your flatulence will be. The population of bacteria living in your body may greatly be influenced by what type of foods you eat, ultimately affecting the smell of the gas being produced.


  • Eating too many Sulfur-rich Foods:

Eating a lot of food that is rich in sulfur may result in worse smelling gas being produced by the body. If someone’s diet consists of high sulfur foods, it is likely that their flatulence will be smellier than most.


  • Being Lactose-Intolerant:

Milk and cheese are rich in sulfur. Having too much milk, ice cream, or cheese may cause the lactose to enter the colon pretty much in the same state as it was initially, and the bacteria break it down, producing foul-smelling flatulence.


  • Suffering from Constipation:

If someone’s diet is low on fiber, it is likely they tend to fall victim to constipation. Constipation is a cause of producing more foul-smelling flatulence as digestive waste sits in the colon for too long, and the bacteria start breaking it down, producing a whole lot of bad smelling gas.

To make sure your farts do not smell awful all the time, you can try remedying your life up a bit. Fart pills can be used, which are essentially pills to make your farts smell better.

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