best solution for bad smelling farts

What is The Best Solution for Bad Smelling Farts?

I have bad smelling gas! What is the best treatment?

Having bad smelling gas is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it is completely normal to have flatulence that may be a bit smelly, as it is technically a by-product of digestive activities. However, sometimes people may have excessively smelly farts.

How to decrease Bad Smelling Gas?


Lifestyle changes to treat Flatulence: 

Prior to bouncing directly into meds and pills, there are some changes that can be added or adapted to one’s life to decrease smelly farts as said on MedicalNewsToday:

  • Making a couple of dietary changes is a decent method to begin diminishing smelly flatulence. Cutting back on food with a large sulfur content or simply avoiding dairy products if you are lactose-intolerant can reduce the amount of gas produced.
  • Eating in smaller portions several times a day can likewise facilitate the stomach related process and prevent smelly flatulence from excessively building up in your body. Six little meals daily instead of three enormous ones can have a much more positive effect. 
  • Exercising consistently can likewise make the stomach and digestive system work more smoothly, and the collection of excessive amounts of smelly flatulence in the body can easily be prevented.
  • Constipation is often the cause of your body producing bad smelling gas. Staying hydrated and increasing the intake of fiber can help prevent constipation.

Treatment Methods for Flatulence: 

  • Some anti-gas meds containing simethicone or bismuth can be utilized to treat excessively smelly farts. 
  • Antacids and charcoal tablets are used to prevent a lot of gas being produced in the digestive system.
  • Using fart pills like Flatu-Scents kill and lessen the force of gas delivered and cover associated smells, making them smell pleasant. These pills make farts smell good.

Natural remedies for flatulence can do wonders to get rid of smelly flatulence.

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