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What is Foul-Smelling Flatulence, and Why does it Form?

Perhaps at some point in our lives, someone mentioned the word flatulence to us without us paying any heed to it. However, on the opposite hand, if we hear someone say ‘farting’, we all whip our heads around in the direction of said word. But what is flatulence, and what is the correlation between the two?

What is Flatulence?

To put it very simply, flatulence is merely having a gas, or more commonly known as farting or passing wind. Farting is described to be the passing of gas through the digestive system to be expelled out of the anus, and flatulence is the medical term for it. It is a normal process that occurs in everyone when excessive gas accumulates in one’s digestive system. Gas is normally expelled out of the rectum at least 14 times a day for any average individual; however, some people tend to develop a problem that can make them produce it in excessive amounts. Flatulence usually carries a bad aroma with it, and products such as Flatu-Scents provide supplements that mask the bad odor and vastly improve the scent.

Why does it Form?

The collection of gas occurs through several processes that cause flatulence. Some standout causes are:

  • Oxygen and nitrogen can collect in the digestive system if we swallow too much air while eating or drinking. This may also result in excessive burping.
  • When our body is digesting food, gases such as methane, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide are produced as byproducts of many processes.
  • Intestinal bacteria break down undigested food in the bowel, and the fermentation process causes smelly flatulence.
  • Lactose intolerance prevents the body from digesting certain sugars in dairy products, which can cause a buildup of gases.

Flatulence is a common occurrence, but too much of it can be problematic.

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