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What Causes Flatulence, and Why Does it Smell?

Flatulence is the release of gases produced during digestion through the rectum, more commonly referred to as farting. Flatulence, contrary to popular belief, is only smelly one in a hundred times. The average adult passes wind 10 to 15 times a day. There are several causes of excessive flatulence. 


What causes flatulence?

Food intolerance is a prevalent cause of flatulence, conditions like lactose, and gluten intolerance. Eating certain foods also causes flatulence foods like red meats, legumes, certain vegetables, and dairy products to produce gases in the gut, causing flatulence. If you overeat, this can cause flatulence as it causes a backup in the digestive system. When you eat too fast, this can also cause gas build up in the stomach. 

Other causes of excessive gas are diseases like irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease. If you are suffering from either of these ailments visiting your doctor is recommended for treatment. 


What makes flatulence smell?

The sulfur produced during the digestion process is what causes the pungent odor. Eating foods high in sulfur will cause smelly farts; these foods include red meats, certain vegetables, and milk. Drinking alcohol will also cause your farts to have a stinky odor as will eating sweet treats. 


What can be done about the awful smell? 

Air freshener is what most people do for the awful smell from flatulence, but attacking the problem at its root is a better solution. An improved diet will help reduce the smelly gases, but if you are looking to eliminate the issue altogether, there is a way Using a pill to make your farts smell like roses was once a pipe dream; however, Flatuscents have this available for you. Order this revolutionary scented fart pills. This pill will eliminate that noxious smell is guaranteed and also improve gut health in the process.


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