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  1. I have Death Gas. I don’t know why. I eat well, exercise, take probiotics, and drink plenty of water. I’ve been to GI doctors and nutritionists. I’ve tried an elimination diet to find food triggers. Everything about my digestion is great except for the smells it makes. I started taking two of these every morning, and the smell was pretty much gone and it kind of smelled better. I don’t know why more people don’t take this; I want to give it out like breath mints.

  2. What a superb natural solution for smelly farts! I used Flatu-Scents pills from few days and my farts actually smell like roses now.

  3. Being a patient of bloating and bowling intolerance, I tried a lot of supplements, but no results. Flatu-Scents was my last try and it worked effectively in getting rid of smelly farts. Must buy!

  4. I ordered a bottle of flatuscents for my granddad. He had a bariatric bypass and cannot digest his food properly which causes bloating and a lot of farting. It made him feel embarrassed in front of friends and family. He actually stopped attending all the get togethers. But, it worked so great for him. Honestly, his gas doesn’t smell bad now. It has a ticklish rosy smell. I was quite pleased that this really works. If you have medical issues that cause smelly flatulence, you should try this product. I definitely recommend it.

  5. This product is great for anyone suffering obesity and have issues with foul smelling stools and flatulence. This product has been a real quality of life improvement for me. The biggest challenge for people around me was to tolerate all the bad smell and made them uncomfortable to hang around. I stopped going to the supermarket, with the fear of getting myself embarrassed. I’ve used it for over a week & it has worked as promised. It cuts the rotten egg smell to almost 0, and fills the room with a less familiar and better smell. I love these but more importantly, anyone I’m with appreciates them probably more than me. I would definitely recommend this product because it worked like a miracle for me.

  6. Flatu-Scents worked as a grace for me! I started taking this pill after my meals 2 weeks back. And now I am free from those bad smelling gas embarrassments. I will steadily recommend taking these capsules to those suffering from flatulence.

  7. Today was my first day using the product, and I can tell the difference already. I have always suffered from acidity accompanied with really smelly odours. It’s so embarrassing when you are at work and makes it hard to work in small areas. I am hopeful this is the product I have been looking for. Flatuscents is such a great product. I hope it helps all of you who are going through a really hard time fighting this. Highly recommend it!

  8. I found this vegan supplement (Flatu-Scents) very powerful in treating smelly flatulence odors. Convenient to use, completely natural and affordable price! It is a must-try!

  9. After dealing with various products, I got suggested to this vegan supplement Flatu-Scents. Instant and practical results for curing smelly farts, with a fresh rose smell. I bought one more set of 3!

  10. Since I’ve been a young child, I’ve had digestion problems and rather pronounced bowel movements, which means I have a hard time controlling the gas formation in my body and from expelling it out involuntarily in embarrassing and uncomfortable situations. No matter who I have consulted about my excessive flatulence, all I’ve been told is that this is natural for me. Having embarrassed myself multiple times in my life, whether it was in school, amongst family, or at a party, I knew I had to do something about it before I made anyone else move away from me.

    Embarrassed to consult upon any more people, I turned to the internet for help when I came across flatuscents.com. When I read the description, I was completely amazed as I could never fathom my farts, actually smelling good!

    Flatu-Scents promised a rosy scent to my excessive flatulence, and I was both intrigued and amused, so I decided to give it a try. Safe to say it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Flatu-scents worked like a charm on my digestive system.

    Not only did it reduce the amount of gas being produced by my body, but it also helped to contain them and to deliver a better scent with them every time I expelled them out by accident. It was for the first time when no one around me was turning heads and wondering whether I was the source of the bad smell around them. Rather, I could go completely unnoticed as people would instead turn their noses up to smell a pleasant smell and not pay extra attention to it.

  11. Being socially anxious is already difficult to live with, but with it added on top, an embarrassing encounter going out in public becomes even more of a challenge. I have always had a hard time being around people, and this was aggravated when I accidentally let spill a bout of bad smelling flatulence in a close elevator some time ago. Realizing I was the source of the smell, people in the elevator moved away from me, and some visibly covered their noses.

    Since that day, I have been even more anxious to go out in public, afraid I’ll have to relive through that trauma again. Of course, never leaving my house was not an option, so I decided to find a solution to my problem. This is when I came across Flatu-Scents website and looked at the marvel that was their product. Pleasantly smelling farts? I was completely interested in the entire concept and just knew I had to have it if it would make me be less fearful of going about again.

    I was glad to see that it was completely affordable and was just a small pill that could be taken at any time of the day. After a smooth delivery process, my order arrived, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it completely worked like a promise. Flatu-scents not only masked the bad odor of my flatulence, but it also eased up my bowel movements and made me less gassy overall.

    I was thrilled to realize I could go out in public again without the constant fear of accidentally embarrassing myself again. Flatu-scents is indeed a blessing for anxious people like me as it takes away a lot of our worries of public humiliation. It is safe, effective, and so easy to use, and works like magic!

  12. I had a big meeting coming up with a very important client who could break or make my prospects at my new business. The success of my company completely relied upon this meeting, and I could not mess it up. However, just a few days prior, my stomach fell ill, and my digestive system was completely chaotic. I found myself being extremely gassy and producing excessive flatulence.

    I was so afraid I would mess my whole meeting up, and in a desperate attempt at a quick-fix, I searched for home cures of flatulence when I came across flatuscnets. The product advertised immediately sparked my interest as I realized this could be the only thing that could help me on such short notice. I immediately ordered it for myself and was surprised to see how fast and smooth the delivery was, not to forget completely free in the United States. Not only that, but it was also so simple to use and came with multiple pills so I could use it as I required them as they could be taken at any time of the day.

    Since my meeting was just the next day, a few hours prior to it, I took a double dose and hoped it would work as the website said. I was completely amazed to see how well it worked! Not only did I smell no bad odor from my farts, but I also felt considerable relief in my stomach and realized I was not as gassy as before. Flatu-scents worked like magic, and I would definitely recommend it to someone else. I continued to use it days following my meeting and was pleased with the results it had on my digestive system.

  13. I am someone who suffers from a lot of constipation at least 2-3 times a week due to the medication I take for my other medical issues. Because of excessive constipation, I tend to see myself bloating more often, and as a consequence, I’m generally gassy and tend to produce more flatulence than I should. I was working at home for a while, so it was not a problem at first, but once I started an office job, I realized how much discomfort I was in because of the excessive gas.

    I had a stomach ache and had to hold in my flatulence afraid to embarrass myself. I was surprised to see how well this product was it was advertised, and I was genuinely amazed by the idea of farts that could actually smell nice. Flatu-scents seemed like the answer to my problem, and I ordered it right away.

    There were no hard and fast rules of when to take them, so I would just take them every morning before going to work and saw that they lasted me at least 7 hours of no discomfort in my stomach. My bloating was also less as I no longer had to trouble myself by holding in my farts.

    Since the day I’ve started using them I’ve recommended them to everyone I know who has faced similar problems and they all love it!

  14. Veganism is something I’m very passionate about and have been a vegan for quite a few years now. I’m always looking for vegan alternatives to everything I ingest. One problem I’ve been facing since my dietary changes is that because now that I eat a lot more greens than I used to do before, my body tends to produce more gas. I tried to solve this issue by making some lifestyle and dietary changes, but that would mean cutting out a lot of food that makes me a vegan. So, I decided to find some other alternative on the internet. I happened to stumble upon flatuscents.com.

    I liked the idea of the concept, and I was so pleased to see that it is entirely vegan, and all the ingredients used are completely natural! Flatu-scents not only promised to solve my excessive gas problems, but it was also suitable for me as it was completely vegan.

    The amount of volume of gas being produced by my body went considerably down, while I was no longer experiencing bloating. The best part was that I had to make no lifestyle changes and didn’t have to compromise on my diet to solve this issue. I have a lot of vegan friends, and I will be sure to recommend Flatuscents to them as well!

  15. It’s a vegans dream – living on fruit and veggies without Flatuscents is a real drag, just ask my family!

  16. Farts don’t smell like roses, they just stopped smelling. Another thing, my body odor disappeared! I’d have to say this product is a success for me.