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Make Your Farts Smell like Roses

How to Make Your Farts Smell Better

People often ask how to get rid of smelly gas, but the answer is unclear. Excessively smelly farts or smelly flatulence has been the cause of many embarrassing social situations for almost everyone. If only there was a way to make farts smell good…

Ways to make Farts smell Better:

Bad smelling gas can be very unpleasant to be around, and it can be quite humiliating! Lots of home remedies are there for bad smelling gas and provide natural remedies for flatulence.

  • Eat Slowly and in Smaller Portions:

Eating slowly and in small portions can promote healthy digestion within the body and reduce the amount of smelly gas being produced.

  • Avoid Foods Contributing to Bad Smell:

Some foods are the main causes of why you have smelly flatulence. Avoiding foods high in fiber or high in sulfur can help solve this problem.

  • Do not hold in your Farts:

Holding in farts can lead to even worse smelling gas. The gas building up in the body can rot further, producing even more smelly flatulence.

  • Stay Hydrated:

Drinking plenty of water and staying well-hydrated will cause waste to pass smoothly through the digestive system, resulting in less smelly flatulence buildup.

  • Prevent Constipation:

Constipation is often the cause of your body producing bad smelling gas. Staying hydrated and increasing the intake of fiber can help to prevent constipation.

  • Take Flatu-Scents:

Flatu-Scents are vegan supplements that provide a home remedy for bad smelling gas. They act as fart pills, which are essentially pills that make your farts smell good. Flatu-Scents fall under the category of natural remedies and answer the question of how to get rid of smelly gas.

Completely getting rid of gas is not always the solution. Certain changes can be made to make smelly flatulence actually smell good.

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