excessive Farting

Is excessive Farting a Sign of Old Age?

You may have noticed that the older your father gets, the more he farts. Well, after several studies, it has been proven that the older you get, the more potent your farts will be. This is because as you age, the chances of suffering from constipation are more likely. This is primarily due to inactivity slowing down the body’s blood circulation, which in turn slows the digestive system.

With the fecal matter staying in the digestive system for a more extended period of time, this will result in fermentation that makes the farts more potent. So yes, grandad and dad can clear a room with one of their farts. However, getting older doesn’t actually make you fart more; if anything, it makes you fart less.

How Can You Make Dads Farts Less Potent?

So we know that farts become more potent with age, but how can we stop that awful stench?

Well, it has a lot to do with the beer; if he drinks beer, that is. Beer will ferment in the belly, and this will make his farts smell awful. The beer farts are a real thing, and the only way to stop them is to cut back on the beer. Actually, the scented fart pills on this site can take care of the smell for you. Instead of an awful stench, when dad farts, it will smell like roses. That may sound a little far fetched, but it is true.

Give him less Brussels sprouts at dinner. Not just Brussels sprouts, you can add cauliflower, broccoli, and onion to that list. These foods, although good for you, will make your farts smell awful. This is also the case with red meats, some fish, and dairy, so have dad lay off the ice cream as well. However, if you can’t talk him into this diet change, you can just give him one of the deodorizer fart pills from Flatuscents and call it a day.

Another way to help make Dad’s farts less potent is to encourage him to exercise. Getting exercise will improve blood circulation, which will improve his digestive system. A better digestive system means less back up in the gut, so less smelly farts. Thirty minutes a day will make a huge difference. If dad refuses, give him a pill from the shop, and you will smell the difference. The pills will also help improve the digestive system’s health as it is made solely from natural vegan products. These vegan products will improve the digestive system by promoting a healthy gut.

Smaller portions will also help to reduce the stinky gas. If he overeats, that can cause a back up in the digestive system that will, in turn, cause smelly flatulence. The digestive system can’t keep up with the food being eaten and causes a back up of gas that needs to be released. If this isn’t an option as dad is a real foodie, just go with the pill from Flatuscents. A pill that makes your farts smell like roses is far better than trying to get good old dad to change his habits.

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