Excessive Flatulence Treatment

How To Treat Excessive Flatulence?

There is not a single person around who does not have flatulence. As a matter of fact, we pass gas, on average, 20 times a day as a healthy adult. Flatulence is not something to be concerned about unless it is excessive. A poor diet is the leading cause of excessive flatulence; certain foods will produce more flatulence than others. Foods that are known to produce flatulence include legumes, potatoes, some dairy, onions, garlic, and bread. All of these foods are high in polysaccharides, notably inulin. One can also connect excessive flatulence to specific ailments like Celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and lactose or gluten intolerance. 

Flatulence is also caused by overeating food; not only does this block up the digestive system and stomach, which can produce gas, but this also causes bloating. Eating too quickly will also produce gas, as this increases the amount of air that is swallowed. Alcohol consumption and smoking will also increase the amount a person passes gas, as they increase the amount of air swallowed as well as causing fermentation in the digestive system. 

Treating excessive flatulence

Over the counter medication is often used in the treatment of excessive flatulence; these include pills containing simethicone. Slowing down and chewing one’s food thoroughly before swallowing will also help to reduce the amount of gas produced. A reduction in portion sizes will reduce flatulence as it puts less strain on the digestive system, allowing it to break down all the food and preventing a backup. Chewing gum can cause a person to pass gas as it encourages the chewer to swallow air; stopping can help reduce flatulence. A healthy digestive system will aid in lowering the amount a person gives wind; taking a walk after meals will improve digestion and, in turn, decrease flatulence. 

Those who suffer from lactose intolerance will have excessive flatulence if they eat foods that contain lactose. Avoiding foods like milk, yogurt, cheese, cream, and whey when suffering from lactose intolerance will help stop the gas. Gluten intolerance is another cause of flatulence; those with gluten intolerance should avoid foods containing gluten like bread, cereal, cookie, and pasta. Reducing the amount of food eaten that contains sorbitol and fructose will help to make lower flatulence. 

Making a change to your lifestyle will help stop excessive flatulence; one major cause is alcohol consumption. Reducing the amount of alcohol you drink, notably beer, will lower the amount of gas produced. Smoking will also play a role in causing gas, so stopping will make a difference. 

Flatulence is a source of embarrassment and frustration for the sufferer, but it often comes with a pungent odor, which makes it even worse. If you are looking for a remedy to flatulence and the smell, the Flatuscents scented fart pill will tick all the boxes. These pills found at www.flatuscents.com will start prevention at the source by helping the digestive system be more healthy. The scented fart pills also give your gas a light rose aroma to mask the smelly gas. This alternative remedy will allow you to continue the lifestyle you enjoy while reducing the embarrassment that comes with excessive flatulence.


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