How to Make Your Smelly Farts like Roses?

How to Make Your Smelly Farts like Roses?

Years of Development to Create Flatu-Scents

One question that has plagued the minds of every person since the beginning of time- “How do I make my smelly gas smell good?’

Then came Flatu-Scents, deemed ‘internal deodorant’, vowing to provide a home remedy for bad smelling gas. Excessive gas is no longer an unavoidable evil.

Development of Flatu-Scents:

Flatu-Scents did not happen overnight. Three years were needed to make it into what it is today. They are essentially fart pills that provide a natural remedy for flatulence to make your farts smell better.


The purpose of Flatu-Scents became clear after being stuck around those with smelly flatulence and realizing that it is something that cannot be avoided. Perhaps making smelly flatulence smell like roses is the best approach.


The idea of Flatu-Scents came about when it was realized that expelled gas took on a different scent. The smell is also largely dictated by what we have eaten; pills that make your farts smell good could be the solution.


Extensive research and development were put into this product. After months of hard work and a variety of testing approaches, a formula was finally derived that offered the best balance of ingredients to produce the best result.


Flatu-Scents is strictly vegan and uses all-natural products like Ginger Powder, Fennel Seed Powder, Calcium, Bee Propolis, Bilberry Powder, Peppermint Powder, Horseradish Powder, and Rose Hip Powder. Flatu-Scents does not eliminate any important compound from the body; it looks to balance them efficiently.

Flatu-Scents came to provide a remedy on how to get rid of bad smelling gas, so you never have to worry about smelly flatulence again!

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