how to know who farted

How to know who farted?

If foul-smelling flatulence lingers in the air, nobody wants to have blame put on them.

So how can we know who is behind the bad-smelling gas? 

Some people may have smelly flatulence that comes out noiseless, so trying to decide where it actually came from can become very difficult as tracing the source of bad smelling gas is not as easy as it may seem. However, some people may pass wind with an audible sound of gas being released; this often makes it easier to find who was behind it. 

In smaller groups or gatherings, figuring out who passed wind becomes much easier as there are not a lot of people that can be blamed. In a formal setting, most would not point out the culprit, but it is common courtesy to apologize.

Luckily, some people may have entirely odorless flatulence. Odorless flatulence may prove to be a blessing as the body is doing its job with minimal consequences!

There are several techniques people use to mask their farts, as said by Lifehacker which may make it harder to figure out who is the one behind the smelly flatulence:

  • Sometimes people release bad-smelling gas when they are about to leave a room or are walking to make it difficult to trace it back.
  • People also use scented lotion, perfume, cologne, or even cigarettes to mask the foul-smelling flatulence so no one would know.
  • Putting the blame on someone else helps to do the trick, so no one would point fingers at the real culprit. 

Using fart pills or other pills to make your fart smell better can also work wonders in passing gas that is not smelly, so it would be harder to know who farted.

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