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How Bad Smelling Flatulence Can Cause Embarrassment At Work

Intestinal gas is a natural phenomenon and the reason why an average person will fart quite a few times a day. How many times a day do people fart?  Well, the estimate ranges from 18-30.  Some of the most common reasons for smelly gas include constipation, intolerance to certain foods, a highly fibrous diet, a bacterial infection, or a high intake of medication. While mostly smelly farts are harmless in nature, there can be cases where the reason behind them is a serious health condition. It is good for you if your farts emit no odor, but the real cause of embarrassment is when you release smelly farts. Smelly farts can cause serious embarrassment for people, especially at work.

No matter how hard you may try, you might be able to cover up the sound of your fart, but not its smell. So, even if you are discreetly farting at work, colleagues working around you will take no time to notice that it is you behind the smelly gas. Something needs to be done when you have offended people around you at work with rotten egg fats.  Who likes to be the butt of all jokes in a work environment?
One of the most commonly practiced ways to prevent smelly gas is to make changes in one’s diet and avoid eating foods that trigger excessive flatulence. You can even seek medical help to understand the underlying reason for your smelly farts. But, did you know there is another remedy that will not just help reduce gas, but also make your farts smell like roses? Yes, it’s true!  This pill is called Flatu-Scents.

Flatuscents is an innovative pill that works as an internal deodorant to help fight excessive gas along with making people’s farts smell like roses. This means that even if you are unable to hold a fart in public or workspace, you can at least save yourself from any embarrassment by releasing a pleasant smell instead of a foul one.

Turning the stench of your farts into the smell of roses seems like a pretty innovative and great idea to save yourself from facing embarrassment at work or for in any public place. This also means that you no longer need to roll down the windows of your car each time you are about to release a smelly fart!

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