how to avoid flatulence at work
flatulence in the workplace


Being in an inconvenient situation as a result of internal smelly gas is a common occurrence in our everyday life. This can have an adverse effect on one’s self-confidence, especially when it happens in a gathering or workplace. Farting is an unfortunate and socially unacceptable behavior that nobody is proud of.

A lot of medications and deodorants have been circulating in the market to reduce some of the embarrassment smelly farts can cause. One of the most effective is an internal deodorant that makes farts smell like roses called FLATU-SCENTS. Since flatulence is inevitable, this natural solution to excess gas eliminates the resultant smelly gas that comes with it.

What is Flatulence?
Flatulence is a result of the accumulation of gas in the intestines and the stomach. When this gas accumulates, the resulting effect is bloating which is then followed by the expulsion of farts from the anus. As humans we usually feel the need to fart as the day progresses. Foods such as bagels, beets, onions, soybeans, chickpeas, and a host of other foods are significant sources of flatulence. Drinks rich in gas, such as beer and carbonated drinks, are also sources of bad smelly gas.

Other causes of Flatulence
Smelly Flatulence can also be as a result of lactose deficiency, food intolerance, and constipation. It can also be caused by certain ailments such as ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, and scleroderma.

Flatulence in the workplace
Most people work in close proximity to their colleagues. In such situations, flatulence can be very embarrassing and a source of irritation for whoever is present.
People resort to trying super hard to keep from expelling gas, but this is extremely uncomfortable and can cause other medical problems. Scientists have discovered that indigestion, bloating, and heartburn have a connection to this buildup of gas in the human body.

How to prevent to Smelly Flatulence with our High-Quality Flatu-scents
Flatulence cannot be eliminated but that smelly gas can be managed. Have you ever thought of adding a sweet twist to your fart? Have people smiling and complimenting you instead of making you feel like a bag of trash? Well then, hurry and try Flatu-scents.

Flatu-scents is an internal deodorant which is orally ingested to completely eliminate smelly gas associated with farts. It is an affordable, safe, and FDA compliant drug that comes in tablet form. Flatu-scents can be taken during or after meals. It deodorizes your fart and gives it a more pleasant floral. Relieve the pressure without shame. With Flatu-Scents, you can smile and let it rip!

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