what to do to stop flatulence


We all like to eat. Scratch that, we all need to eat. And as humans, eating is something we have learned to weave into our social and personal lives because we enjoy it. We like how food tastes, how varied it can be, and more. But what happens when what you eat begins to cause the most embarrassing and uncomfortable flatulence? That alone can take the enjoyment out of a good meal. Especially If you have to swear off a meal that you enjoy eating due to the after-effect of sulfur farts or worse.
Flatulence and Food
We’ve all been there, having overeaten while at the dinner table, to the point where getting up or walking back to the living room becomes a task. Yeah, not our proudest moments, but what do we do when we enjoy the meal so much? We eat it all! And now you’re bloated and suffering from flatulence. Our digestive system can do a lot; however, when you dump such a big load into it, there is no doubt that it will take some time to deal with it — resulting in bloating and the most terrible smelling flatulence.
People who suffer from food intolerances will be more familiar with the feeling of being bloated due to flatulence. Also, if you are lactose intolerant and you eat dairy-based food, then you will get that tell-tale feeling.
Ignoring the Signs
As human beings, we are almost simultaneously hyper-aware and somewhat ignorant of the things our bodies are trying to tell us. The awareness is seen in the way that we instinctively know when to eat without even thinking “I’m hungry”, but the ignorance can come from the fact that many of us don’t realize that the foods causing our severe flatulence seem to make repeat appearances in our diets without us really giving them much thought. What starts as mild flatulence can develop into chronic flatulence with little encouragement.
Sometimes all you need to do is ignore the problem, and it will grow into something more severe at an alarming speed. When you have chronic flatulence, and you need to visit the doctor, the solution they prescribe can come with problems of their own. It may be that you are prescribed laxatives, which affect the digestive system and can be troublesome to reverse. In this case, it is well known that the cure has problems that may be worse than the condition.


Dieting Like an Olympian
If you want to make sure that you don’t have a problem with a specific food, keeping a diet diary can be a superb way of limiting bloated flatulence. For some of us, it is a matter of knowing our enemy. It may be dairy products, or specific meats, or gluten-based food. Each of these is a nemesis for some people, and the most apparent initial reaction you will get is flatulence.

Our Top Solutions
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