how to avoid smelly farts on a date


First dates are meant to be special and exciting, but with first dates also comes the pressure and anxiety to be your perfect self. While there are hundreds of other things that can bother you on a first date, the most embarrassing is giving off the terrible smell of out-of-control flatulence!

A smelly fart on a first date can easily turn your beautiful evening into a nightmare, and that too in a matter of few seconds. You can face embarrassment in front of your partner due to those smelly flatulence odors. Who would want this? No one obviously!

Now you may wonder how to reduce it. One of the best and smartest ways to save yourself from the embarrassment caused by excessive smelly gas on your first date is to fill in the air with a floral smell using an innovative flatulence treatment. Flatu-Scents, a new flatulence pill will not only reduce your excess gas but it will also help make your farts smell like roses. Designed with the finest natural ingredients like ginger powder, peppermint powder, calcium, rosehip powder, etc, which are proven to be effective in the digestion of the body, these pills can actually help to get rid of bad smelling flatulence. Flatu-Scents is available in capsule package, and you can take it as per your convenience, i.e. before, with, or after food.

How Flatu-Scents work?

This perfect remedy for bad smelling gas helps in reducing gas, its pressure, and ultimately the flatulence. This supplement works in the form of internal odor, which not only neutralizes and minimizes the foul-flatulence odors but also improves the obnoxious smelly flatulence with a pleasing rose scent.

It mainly targets excessive flatulence and treats the problem by reducing intestinal gas and pressure. No harmful chemicals and so no side-effects at all! It’s truly amazing how this new flatulence pill works to save you from unseen trouble and helps rescue you from an embarrassing situation on something as special as a first date. After all, which woman or man would want to ruin their first date on the account of a smelly fart? Don’t let that foul smell flatulence ruin your special day! To avoid such embarrassments, try this effective solution today. You can order your Flatu-Scents pills online today, and make your first date memorable.

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