smelly flatulence causes and solutions


Flatulence 101: The Cause of Bloat and Odor
We are all aware of the old rhyme, which will be repeated here simply for recognition:
Beans, beans, the musical fruit, The more you eat, the more you toot. This rhyme about one of the causes of flatulence is one that is familiar to us all from playgrounds when we were young. The words are different in some places, but we have all heard a variation of it. We all know the theory that eating beans is one of the causes of flatulence. Is it true?
Veggies the Biggest Culprit
When we sit down to Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner to eat a full meal with the trimmings – potatoes and vegetables, such as Brussels sprouts – we all know that someone will raise the topic of eating sprouts being a cause of flatulence. The stories about Brussels sprouts making us flatulent are commonplace, and these rumors apply not only to Brussels sprouts but to most boiled green vegetables. These vegetables – cabbage, broccoli, and asparagus – are from the cruciferous family, and are all rumored to be causes of flatulence.
Are They?
The fact is that the causes of flatulence are due to several different factors.  Flatulence is a by-product of the digestive system doing the work it needs to do to break down the foods we eat. Some foods are more likely to be the cause of flatulence; some will cause less. The foods named above will indeed lead to flatulence on a grander scale. Beans are challenging to break down, and the work the system needs to do to make sure they are digested does indeed mean that more gas will be produced. That gas has to go somewhere, and you guessed right, flatulence is the body’s solution.
What to Do About Your Flatulence
Excess flatulence or chronic flatulence has many possible causes. Sometimes it can be caused by health problems, and there may be a need to consult your doctor. Most of the time, however, a medical solution is not necessary. Sometimes you can over-complicate a problem by going for a solution that is more aggressive than what is required. The best solution to a problem will usually be the one that cures the problem without causing any side effects in the short or long term. If you are concerned about your flatulence and feel embarrassed about your smelly farts, then the first place to look, of course, is at your diet. While scientific tests have proven that the worst-smelling flatulence is caused by eating more cruciferous foods than usual, monitoring your diet isn’t always as easy as it is advertised to be. Sometimes, a change in your diet may even result in smellier flatulence.
Try Flatu-Scents
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