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Why do my husband’s farts smell so bad?

Are you at the point where your husband now has to sleep in the guest room because his farts smell so awful? The truth is…

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scented fart pills

What Causes Flatulence, and Why Does it Smell?

Flatulence is the release of gases produced during digestion through the rectum, more commonly referred to as farting. Flatulence, contrary to popular belief, is only…

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Scented fart pills

Why Does The Body Produce Smelly Gas?

One of the questions that have always baffled people is, why does the body produce smelly gas? There happen to be several answers to that…

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Foul Smelling Flatulence

How Can Bad Gas Smell Like Roses?

No matter who you are, we have all passed gas, and every once in a while, they smell awful. It is not unhealthy to have…

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Best Home Remedies For Bad Gas

Are you tired of those smelly gases that are intoxicating your home? You seem to be going through air freshener like it’s out of fashion,…

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Home Remedies For Bad Gas
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