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Excessive Flatulence Treatment

There is not a single person around who does not have flatulence. As a matter of fact, we pass gas, on average, 20 times a day as a healthy adult. Flatulence is not something to be concerned about unless it is excessive. A poor diet is the leading cause of excessive flatulence; certain foods will produce more flatulence than others. Foods that are known to produce flatulence include legumes, potatoes, some dairy, onions, garlic, and bread. All of these foods are high in polysaccharides, notably inulin. One can also connect excessive flatulence to specific ailments like Celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and lactose or gluten intolerance. 

Flatulence is also caused by overeating food; not only does this block up the digestive system and stomach, which can produce gas, but this also causes bloating. Eating too quickly will also produce gas, as this increases the amount of air that is swallowed. Alcohol consumption and smoking will also increase the amount a person passes gas, as they increase the amount of air swallowed as well as causing fermentation in the digestive system. 

Treating excessive flatulence

Over the counter medication is often used in the treatment of excessive flatulence; these include pills containing simethicone. Slowing down and chewing one’s food thoroughly before swallowing will also help to reduce the amount of gas produced. A reduction in portion sizes will reduce flatulence as it puts less strain on the digestive system, allowing it to break down all the food and preventing a backup. Chewing gum can cause a person to pass gas as it encourages the chewer to swallow air; stopping can help reduce flatulence. A healthy digestive system will aid in lowering the amount a person gives wind; taking a walk after meals will improve digestion and, in turn, decrease flatulence. 

Those who suffer from lactose intolerance will have excessive flatulence if they eat foods that contain lactose. Avoiding foods like milk, yogurt, cheese, cream, and whey when suffering from lactose intolerance will help stop the gas. Gluten intolerance is another cause of flatulence; those with gluten intolerance should avoid foods containing gluten like bread, cereal, cookie, and pasta. Reducing the amount of food eaten that contains sorbitol and fructose will help to make lower flatulence. 

Making a change to your lifestyle will help stop excessive flatulence; one major cause is alcohol consumption. Reducing the amount of alcohol you drink, notably beer, will lower the amount of gas produced. Smoking will also play a role in causing gas, so stopping will make a difference. 

Flatulence is a source of embarrassment and frustration for the sufferer, but it often comes with a pungent odor, which makes it even worse. If you are looking for a remedy to flatulence and the smell, the Flatuscents scented fart pill will tick all the boxes. These pills found at will start prevention at the source by helping the digestive system be more healthy. The scented fart pills also give your gas a light rose aroma to mask the smelly gas. This alternative remedy will allow you to continue the lifestyle you enjoy while reducing the embarrassment that comes with excessive flatulence.


What causes someone to have flatulenc

Flatulence is the passing of gas through the rectum, also known as a fart. When our digestive system breaks down foods, gases are produced. These gases then need to be released by the body; this is done either in the form of a burp or as flatulence. What may come as a surprise to many is that flatulence is the sign of a healthy digestive system, and the average adult will pass gas over ten times a day. The issue comes when flatulence is excessive, and the gas produced has a foul odor. Flatulence is caused when any food is not digested correctly; carbohydrates are the leading cause of this, notably those found in beans. Plainly put, beans really are the musical food. 

Other causes of flatulence are eating a large number of foods that contain inulin, an oligosaccharide found in onions, garlic, turnips, potatoes, and bread, amongst others. Brassica will also cause flatulence; however, this is known to have a pungent odor. These include foods like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage. Alcohol consumption is also known to cause flatulence, especially beer, due to the yeast content. Smoking cigarettes will also cause flatulence as you are inhaling air into the digestive system. 

Overeating will also cause flatulence as it backs up the digestive system, which slows the food being broken down. Eating too quickly also produces gas as you are forcing air into the stomach as you eat; chewing gum will have the same effect. 

What are the symptoms of flatulence?

Flatulence can come with other symptoms on top of just the release of gas from the rectum. Patients will often suffer from bloating when they have flatulence; this is a tightening of the stomach, accompanied by a tight feeling. Flatulence can also be involuntary and is connected to fecal incontinence. In some cases, the gas may be accompanied by a pungent odor; this is usually under 3% of the time in a healthy adult. 

How do you treat flatulence?

The best way to treat flatulence when it is excessive is by making changes to your diet. Balancing one’s diet and avoiding overeating will vastly reduce the amount of gas produced. The healthier the digestive system, the less gas will be created. Adding probiotics to your daily diet is known to improve the performance of your digestive system vastly. Getting regular exercise will also help as it encourages blood flow in the body, taking a walk after a meal is highly recommended. 

Over the counter medications are often taken to treat flatulence; the issue is these can cause other complications. Taking specific over the counter medications can cause constipation or diarrhea, and is often accompanied by a stomach ache. There is, however, a solution to this issue. The scented fart pills created by Flatuscents is a real difference-maker. Not only does it attack the source of the problem by improving gut health, but it also masks the foul odor that often accompanies flatulence. The pill found at flatuscents will make you farts smell like roses. The best thing is that the pills are fast working and are a cost-effective way to treat flatulence without completely sacrificing your enjoyment. Although there are other treatments available to treat flatulence, none of them allow you to continue the lifestyle you want without some form of discomfort; Flatuscents scented fart pills do. 




natural remedy for flatulence

Flatulence is present in every single person; in fact, the average adult will pass gas more than 15 times a day. Passing gas is actually a sign of a healthy digestive system. As the foods are broken down in the stomach, gas is produced, the gas is then expelled either through the mouth as a burp or through the rectum as flatulence. The problem is when the gas causes excessive flatulence or bloating.

What causes bloating and flatulence?

Bloating is when the person feels overly full, which causes a tightness in the belly. Bloating is very painful and causes major discomfort for the sufferer. There are several causes of abdominal bloating, the most common being overeating, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, food allergies, food intolerances, and diet selection. Flatulence is caused in a couple of ways. Firstly, by the air that is digested during the eating, when we eat or drink, we swallow air that later can be expelled as either a burp or fart. Secondly, any food that is not digested in the small intestine or stomach that later has to be ingested in the large intestine will produce flatulence. Excessive flatulence is also connected to irritable bowel syndrome, Celiac disease, and lactose intolerance. 

Flatulence or gas is also caused by foods high in certain polysaccharides like beans, onions, garlic, potatoes, lentils, dairy products, and nuts. There are also some foods that not only increase flatulence but make the smell produced pungent such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and other cruciferous vegetables. Excessive alcohol intake and smoking are another cause of smelly gas.

Remedies for flatulence and bloating

There are several remedies for flatulence and bloating; most people will grab an over the counter pill or painkiller to help stop the pain associated with bloating. A more natural treatment for flatulence, however, is to change one’s diet. By balancing out the diet and limiting foods high in inulin, the patient can reduce the amount of gas produced; these foods include legumes, potatoes, nuts, and garlic. Some spices are known to reduce flatulence production, cumin, fennel, turmeric, and coriander, to name but a few. Exercising is another natural remedy for flatulence and bloating; this improves blood flow, improving the digestive system’s performance. Reducing the amount of alcohol, especially beer and wine, that the person consumes will also reduce flatulence and bloating. If the sufferer smokes, this is known to impact flatulence, and a reduction or cessation will help reduce flatulence and prevent bloating. 

If none of these work for the patient, maybe due to lifestyle or a love of food. Then there is another solution available in the vegan supplement from Flatuscents. The pill will help to reduce intestinal pressure and improve the smell of the gases that are released. Found at Flatuscents, these scented fart pills will produce a light rose aroma when gas is passed, stopping embarrassment. These are an ideal option for those who suffer from excessive flatulence and smelly gas. The scented fart pills will correct the issue at its source, providing instant relief. 



The Fear of Farting

There I was waiting to enter the elevator as I was headed up to the conference room on the 14th floor. I was anxious as this was the most important presentation I had ever given in my career. I pushed the button again, no idea why but we all do it. The elevator finally arrived as the doors opened, I could already see just how crowded it was; there were people packed into every inch of space. Two people stepped off, and I could see a gap big enough for me to fit in. Now, I usually would have just waited for the next elevator and ridden to the floor in comfort, but I was running out of time, so I climbed into the sardine can and pushed number 14. 

There is no explanation as to why it always happens; as soon as the elevator doors closed, I felt it in my stomach. That weird sensation you get just before you let one go. I put my hand against my stomach and held my breath, this elevator was packed, and I was not willing to embarrass myself by farting in front of all these people. Who knew who these people were? This elevator could be full of executives and the decision-makers in the company. If I let rip, my entire career could come crashing down. 

I continued to hold my breath and looked up to see what floor we were on; it was the 5th. This was not what I was hoping for; I looked at the row of numbers in front of me, and it looked like every floor had been selected. It was becoming unbearable to hold in, and I could feel beads of sweat beginning to form on my forehead. I couldn’t go on much longer; my stomach began to hurt from the pressure being caused by the trapped gas. 

 I slowly released, and thankfully there was no sound. I held my breath, did anyone notice? Oh my goodness, what about the smell? I began to panic for a second, then remembered my wife had given me the scented fart pills from Flatuscents. The air suddenly smelt like roses only slightly, but I relaxed and knew that this day was going to go well. I thanked my wife in my mind and Flatuscents for creating this extraordinary masterpiece that had just saved the day for me.


There is nothing worse than being in bed with your loved one, and then you hear that thwart as they pass gas, is there? Absolutely, it’s when you are suddenly engulfed by the smell of rotten eggs. So, the real question is what causes that awful stench? It must be all the eggs we are eating for breakfast, this is stopped immediately, but the smell continues. Now, what are you going to do to prevent this awful smell from being released?

The truth of the matter is that the smell comes from the foods that are high in sulfur. The foods that are high in sulfur include red meats, Some poultry, kinds of seafood, legumes, and organ meats. If you limit these foods and mix in a healthier diet, you will be able to get that rotten egg smell under control and won’t have to condemn hubby to the guest room any longer. 

It is incredibly natural and a sign of good health to pass wind regularly. No matter who you are, you are letting one slip about 14 times a day on average. While 99% of the gas we pass is scent-free, that 1% is what gets all the attention. If you find you are passing an excessive amount of smelly gas, you may be lactose intolerant and need to be checked out rather quickly. 

 If you want to eliminate those rotten egg-smelling slips, make sure to have a healthy balanced diet. Exercise is also essential as it helps the digestive system function, preventing any unnecessary backup, which is known to produce a foul odor when released. Lastly, try to avoid alcohol which tends to be the leading cause of those awful smelling gases that are toxifying your atmosphere

scented fart pills

Are you at the point where your husband now has to sleep in the guest room because his farts smell so awful? The truth is you are not alone; flatulence is a natural function that the average adult does more than ten times a day on average. The choice of diet is what makes the gas have a terrible odor. Notably, high in sulfur foods will cause smelly farts, red meats, milk, and high fiber vegetables are some of the culprits, so reducing those will make a big difference. 


Unsurprisingly, if hubby brinks a lot of beer, this will also cause him to have stinky farts. This is because the beer will ferment in the gut. If he smokes, this, too, is known to cause a foul odor in the flatulence. Another cause of noxious flatulence is overeating, the backup of food in the digestive system can cause the bacteria to release sulfur while breaking down the foods. 

So, the question is, what do you do to get hubby back into bed with you? Firstly, you could change his diet at home, but will he stick to it once he is back in the office? You can try to limit the amount of beer he drinks, but you know that Sunday during the game, it is a tradition. 


A healthy digestive system will help to reduce the number of stinky farts he produces. Encourage him to work out and get the blood flowing through his body. The increased oxygen in his blood from exercise will improve his digestive organs’ performance and improve his overall health. If he refuses the change of diet, lay off the booze, and exercise, then it is time for plan B. 

There is a revolutionary pill from Flatuscents that will not only help the health of your digestive system but make your farts smell good. Yes, these scented fart pills will make your gas smell like roses. Just go to and get your hubby back in the bed with you where he belongs.


Scented fart pills

Flatulence is the release of gases produced during digestion through the rectum, more commonly referred to as farting. Flatulence, contrary to popular belief, is only smelly one in a hundred times. The average adult passes wind 10 to 15 times a day. There are several causes of excessive flatulence. 


What causes flatulence?

Food intolerance is a prevalent cause of flatulence, conditions like lactose, and gluten intolerance. Eating certain foods also causes flatulence foods like red meats, legumes, certain vegetables, and dairy products to produce gases in the gut, causing flatulence. If you overeat, this can cause flatulence as it causes a backup in the digestive system. When you eat too fast, this can also cause gas build up in the stomach. 

Other causes of excessive gas are diseases like irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease. If you are suffering from either of these ailments visiting your doctor is recommended for treatment. 


What makes flatulence smell?

The sulfur produced during the digestion process is what causes the pungent odor. Eating foods high in sulfur will cause smelly farts; these foods include red meats, certain vegetables, and milk. Drinking alcohol will also cause your farts to have a stinky odor as will eating sweet treats. 


What can be done about the awful smell? 

Air freshener is what most people do for the awful smell from flatulence, but attacking the problem at its root is a better solution. An improved diet will help reduce the smelly gases, but if you are looking to eliminate the issue altogether, there is a way Using a pill to make your farts smell like roses was once a pipe dream; however, Flatuscents have this available for you. Order this revolutionary scented fart pills. This pill will eliminate that noxious smell is guaranteed and also improve gut health in the process.


Foul Smelling Flatulence

One of the questions that have always baffled people is, why does the body produce smelly gas? There happen to be several answers to that question, so let us go over a few of them. 


Let’s clarify what we mean by bad smelly gas; we are talking about flatulence, the act of the body releasing gases through the rectum. No matter who you are or where you come from, you release these gases 14 times or more on average per day. For the most part, these releases of gas are odorless, but every once in a while, one will have a foul odor. 

The number one cause for smelly gas being produced by the body is food intolerances. When the body is intolerant to a food type, the digestive system can’t break down the food properly, which causes a backup in the order. While the body is attempting to break down these intolerable foods, a gas is produced within the digestive system, well that gas needs to be released, and it either comes out the mouth or the rectum. 


The awful smell that often accompanies one of these releases of gas is usually caused by the foods eaten. Foods that are heavy in sulfur are the most common cause of foul-smelling flatulence. These foods include red meats, poultry, many bean types, certain vegetables, and some kinds of seafood. Other purposes of foul-smelling flatulence are drinking alcohol or other fizzy drinks, overeating or eating too fast, and a lack of fiber in the diet. When your digestive system is not functioning correctly, the build-up of food in the stomach and intestines will cause a bad smell to the gas when released. Keeping the digestive system healthy can lower the amount of foul gas being released by the body.

Fart Pills

No matter who you are, we have all passed gas, and every once in a while, they smell awful. It is not unhealthy to have pungent-smelling flatulence; in fact, 1% of all gases that we pass will smell bad. The issue is that the 1% seems to come at the worst of times, like when you are in an elevator full of people or about to get fresh with your partner.  The truth of the matter is that people pass gas on average 14 times per day; this is irrelevant to who you are or where you come from. 

The good news is that you can help prevent smelly flatulence from happening too often by limiting the amount of sulfur-rich foods you consume. You can also block bad gases by cutting down on the amount of alcohol you drink, especially those high in sugar. Adding a healthy balanced diet to your life will also prevent smelly odors from occurring. The benefits of regular exercise are often forgotten, and yes, exercise will help you have better gut health, in turn preventing stinking flatulence. You can also add a daily probiotic to your routine, as this is known to improve digestion and keep the body healthy. 


Can they really smell like roses?

The idea that you can make flatulence smell like anything other than awful is absurd, isn’t it? Actually no! It is hard to believe, but now a Fart pills can make your lousy gas smell like roses. After years of trial and error, thousands upon thousands of tests finally reached what was trying to be accomplished.  Not only has a fart pills been invented that can make the gas smell like roses, but there are also other scents available, including chocolate, ginger, and lavender. So, it really brings new meaning to the saying. 


Home Remedies For Bad Gas

Are you tired of those smelly gases that are intoxicating your home? You seem to be going through air freshener like it’s out of fashion, but that still doesn’t eliminate the awful odor. The house is freezing because you leave the windows open all day to allow the fresh air to take over. You are at wit’s end and thinking it’s time to put your partner out in the backyard. Before you do anything drastic, let’s take a minute to identify some things that may help. 

Start with a change-up of the diet. The lousy gas is often caused by too many sulfur-rich foods in your diet, foods like red meat, legumes, certain seafood, and some vegetables. Look at cutting down in these foods and adding some foods that are high in fiber. A small amount of raw apple cider vinegar, diluted in water, will help the digestive system function, eliminating those smelly odors. It is also recommended to add some peppermint or chamomile tea to your diet; these are known to lower the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, including excessive flatulence. 

Some alternative home remedies are eating smaller portions, at a slower pace will help eliminate the amount of gas built up in the stomach and prevent any backing up. You can also help prevent gassiness by exercising more regularly, which will improve the functionality of the digestive system. Cut back on the amount of alcohol you are drinking and stop smoking if you do. If all of these remedies fail, then you can always try probiotics to help improve gut health. 

 Keep in mind that it is a natural function to pass gas, and if the gases are regularly foul, there may be a more serious issue to be addressed. Lactose intolerance is more common than people realize and is often the cause of pungent gases. If you find you or your partner consistently has foul-smelling gas, have yourself checked out by your primary care provider.