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Our Story

From Romans and ancient Greeks through Pilgrims and Victorians, people have tried and failed to find a cure for farting. Then one day, while standing in the elevator, it hit us. Well, two things hit us. The first being that the smell of that silent but deadly gas was coming from a certain passenger who shall remain nameless. And the second, that there had to be a clever way to wave goodbye to excessively smelly gas.

So as soon as we took a few deep breaths of fresh air, we went straight to work. And in time we’d created a natural flatulence treatment that’s guaranteed to take the danger factor out of shared elevator rides.

FlatuScents is proud to be the company on a mission to create a pleasant-smelling future for humankind. By using natural ingredients and proven remedies, we’ve taken the odor and embarrassment out of “breaking wind”. Think of us as the team of experts on a mission to make it safer to enter elevators, to work in confined areas, and to live free of that foul smell accompanying gas.